For Sale

Here at Lime Kiln Farm we have various quality horses and ponies available for sale throughout the year.

If you are interested in any of the equines advertised, want to know more or wish to put your horse/pony on sales livery with us, please give Alison a call on 07749 951898.


9yo, 133cm (AHC), gelding
Conker is a super pony, happy to turn his hoof to anything.
Ridden in a snaffle, he is a forward thinking pony, ready for his next competitive child
He is registered with BS & is confidently jumping British Novice, never spooky or silly at fillers.
He hacks alone or in company, going first or last.
We have taken him XC schooling, where he proved brave and bold, jumping all natural fences, ditches, drops and water.
Dressage is not his favourite past-time, but he goes in a rhythm with nice paces, and would hold his own at the start of an unaffiliated ODE.
He has no vices and is good to catch, load & shoe, but does require a small amount of sedation for clipping.
We have done a bit of everything with him, and feel he would enjoy going to a pony club/riding club/allround home.
Based in norfolk with excellent trial facilities
Videos available via whatsapp.




125cm, 10yo, gelding

In the past 18 months of ownership, we have produced him from a complete novice pony jumping 60cm, to HOYS tracks; with the best still to come from him.
My daughter is now off 128s; we have simply run out of time with this special pony & desperately wish we had longer, as he will be a real contender for Hickstead, HOYS & Olympia next year and for years to come.
He has endless scope and people can’t help but stop to watch him jump, always much admired wherever he goes; he has the heart of a lion & despite measuring 125cm, he never struggles to make the distance.
Naturally very quick across the floor, he is always one to watch in a jump off; inexperience on his part & that of my daughter, are the cause of faults, not his lack of jump, but at 10yo with only 18months of jumping behind him he has all the time in the world.
Sold with his 4 Discovery DCs for 2nd rounds 2020, his springboard qualification & 1 winters DC for 2020.
Some highlights include:

  • 2nd in BS National Championship 128 Silver league final.
  • BS Nationals 2019 BN Championship Final; (one of only two 128 ponies to go into the jump off)
  • Qualified Graham Heath finals Scope 2019 & placed 11th
  • DC & 1st in his last 6 Springboards.
  • Placed top five, in four mini/major Olympia qualifiers.
  • Qualified springboard and 128 handicap final at National Winters 2019.
  • Selected for the England 128 team at IHP in July and jumped double clear.

Oli is an absolutely lovely pony to own and to look after, super easy to do in every way, both at home and at a show.
He hacks out alone or in company, has hunted with the North Norfolk Harriers, has been to pony club rallies including dressage and cross country & absolutely adores going to the beach.
He has no vices and is perfect to load, travel, catch & clip. Barefoot with excellent feet.
He now needs another talented, competitive little jockey to continue his training and enable him to reach his true potential.
Many years of jumping ahead of him & the talent to match; we can’t wait to see what the future holds.
Fit and ready now, home of the upmost importance, substantial price required for this little superstar, who will be very much missed & impossible to replace.

Lots of photos / videos available by whatsapp.




138cm, 7yo, gelding

A super stamp of pony, Blue is a full up 138cm, who excels in a competitive environment.
Purchased by us to produce at the end of October, he is newly registered with BS and has already gained his x4 Brit Nov double clears and has started collecting his Discovery DCs, he will be aimed at Springboards & Newcomers, from his next outing.
Super easy and level into a fence, he is jumped in a snaffle and cavesson noseband.
If not sold we will continue his education & his price will increase as his experience does.

He has been XC schooling, happily jumping all solid fences, ditches, drops & water.
We have taken him out with the bloodhounds, something he really enjoyed; going & stopping as required, proving brave & mannerly.
Has attended pony club, inc camp & rallies in a previous home.
Full history known from when he came over from Ireland in 2016.
He hacks alone or in company, is good to load on a trailer or lorry, vice free & is easy to catch & clip.
No email enquiries will be answered, please send a text or pick up the phone for a chat.
Videos and more photos available via whatsapp.




148cm, 10yo, Connie gelding

In to sell on behalf of a client, he is now sadly for sale prematurely due to growth spurt of teenage son.
He needs a calm, sympathetic rider to bring out the best in him, never bucks or rears but would become unsettled with a novice, nervous or forceful rider on his back.
His SJI record is short but very impressive, 6 classes, all double clear and all placing 1st, giving him 18 SJI points; including 4 wins at HPI in July 2019, 90cm – 1m classes
He also has 117 BS points, most recently at 90cm level. However I feel he is yet to reach his full potential, happily schooling 1.10/1.15 courses and jumping single fences of 1.25m; he would be a great contender for newcomers & fox second rounds next year. Brave into all fillers and trays, he is very rideable round a course & never stops.
Cross country is his favourite discipline, he is simply a machine! Ditches, water, drops & all solid fences are all easy peasy for this super pony.
A great example of a modern connemara Silver would also excel as a working hunter pony, both plaited and M&M, he is currently still eligible for novice classes as well as having the scope for RI & HOYS qualifiers.
Has hunted in Ireland as a young pony, but not since being in the UK.
Hacks alone or in company and has no vices.
I have a lot of time for this chap and wish he was a hand bigger, so I could keep him for myself!
Based in Norfolk with excellent trial facilities.


Silver 3
Silver 2
Silver 1


15.2, 12yo, ISH, gelding

Ideal teenagers first horse, Marvin will turn his hoof to anything, but his favourite thing is jumping. Always snaffle mouthed & in a lovely rhythm, he will jump all coloured fences & fillers. He is the most straight & genuine horse I’ve taken cross country, he will happily take you over anything, – ditches, drops, steps, water & all solid obstacles. Happy to go first or last, he is always well mannered, waiting his turn patiently or confidently leading the way.
He has competed in prelim dressage whilst with us, scoring 63 – 65%, not his favourite discipline but good enough to do at the start if an unaffiliated ODE.
Not suitable for a novice, as he wants to go out and have fun.
Has hunted whilst with us, proving his good manners once again.
Vice free & good to do in all ways, although he is a little unsure of the clippers, we were able to clip him with no problems.
Home of the upmost importance.

Marvin 1
Marvin 2
Marvin 3


16hh, 5yo, ISH, gelding

Home-bred by a client, Norman has been professionally backed by us over the last 6 weeks.
Now working independently in the school in walk & trot, popping poles and small fences and hacking out confidently on the roads with others; he is ready to go and find his new owner who wants to put their own stamp on a kind, genuine allround type.
He has a super laid-back temperament, and is not at all spooky under-saddle.
Good to handle, catch, load and with the farrier, he is a nice person to have on the yard.
Video available by whatsapp.


Norman 1
Norman 2
Norman 3


12.2hh, 14yo, Gelding.

Prince is a fantastic pony, ready to teach his new small jockey; there is nothing he can’t do.
He has mostly done unaffiliated, pony club and some NSEA showjumping competitions, would make a great BS 10 & unders pony, never ever stops & rarely has a pole.Happy to trot & pop round little fences or be careful and competitive up to 85cm.
He also excels in the dressage arena, recently completing two prelim tests over 65%, winning a class and being placed 3rd in the other against adults/horses.
With his clean limbs, good conformation & his super attitude he would also do well as a WHP.
Has been to pony club rallies and camp.
Jumps all cross country fences, hacks alone or in company & has been hunting.His only downside is he isn’t the most ‘cuddly’ pony, he will stand to be groomed and tacked up, but wouldn’t want his child fussing him endlessly.
Loads, good to catch, clip, shoe etc and with no vices. Always ridden in a snaffle.
He really is a super-star and if I had a children of my own, he would be the type of pony I would want.More photos & videos available by whatsapp.

£3750 (Made to measure saddle available at separate negotiation.)

Prince 1
Prince 2
Prince 3


15.2hh, 14yo, Mare.

Lily is a super mare, and would make an ideal teenagers horse or a great little diesel winner.

She has mostly showjumped & really knows her job in the ring, never spooky or silly at fillers & will happily take anyone round a course of fences.

She has been in an unaffiliated hone the last few years, competing in NSEA competitions, but has been affiliated several years ago and now whilst here with us; she has 118 points & is sold with her 4 BN DCs. She an ideal candidate for second rounds as we have schooled her easily round 1.20, she will now step up to collect her DISC DCs.

We have taken her XC and she will happily jump all natural obstacles, inc ditches and water. S has also done some unaffiliated dressage, although this isn’t her favourite thing, however it’s good enough for an unaffiliated ODE.

Hacks alone or in company, often ridden out by my 16yo apprentice.

No vices, easy to have on the yard and at a show.

Ideally suited to an showjumping orientated home, but she would also be happy in an all-round home.

More photos and videos available by whatsapp.


Posh Polanski
Posh Polanski
Posh Polanski


16.2hh, 8yo, KWPN, Mare.

A stunning horse, with serious movement, suitable for an amateur or professional.

She was imported in July 2017, but due to owner’s change in circumstances shortly after her arrival, she has done relatively little, so is inexperienced for her age; however this does mean she is clean-limbed and is mentally ready to go out and learn.
She arrived with us, looking very poor on 1st April; she has been slowly and correctly brought back into work & has been a pleasure to train, with a willing attitude to her work, loose, expressive paces, with a super hind leg & natural swing.
She has attended several unaffiliated competitions whilst with us, mostly at prelim level, with consistent scores of 67-69%.
She is working at Novice level at home, including some lateral work & will be moving up to novice level competitively at her next outing.
Now ready for a sympathetic, competent rider to continue her education and further her competitive career, moving up through the levels BD; not affiliated by us, as simply not enough time to take her on her own to BD shows.
Hasn’t done much hacking prior to arriving with us, but will now safely go out in company, our roads are very busy so she has not been alone.
A nice person to have on the yard, with no vices, good for the farrier.

Owner is now reluctantly offering her up for sale, at a fraction of her worth, due to personal circumstances.
Photos / videos available via whatsapp.



**SOLD**       LILY

16hh, 4yo, British Sport Horse, Mare.

Backed by us in 2018, Lily was then turned away for the winter to grow and mature; now back under saddle for the last four weeks, she is proving brave and willing, with a great attitude to learning.
Now confidently working in the school, hacking out in company and popping small coloured fences.
She will make a fantastic allrounder/riding club horse; she would also excel in the show-ring as she has super paces and is evenly marked.
Homebred by a friend, her full history is known.
A pleasure to have on the yard, with no vices.
Currently priced at £3250, this price will increase the more time we have her.