For Sale

Here at Lime Kiln Farm we have various quality horses and ponies available for sale throughout the year.

If you are interested in any of the equines advertised, want to know more or wish to put your horse/pony on sales livery with us, please give Alison a call on 07749 951898.


13.2hh, 9yo, mare.

The sort that everyone wants!
Forward thinking but with breaks, ridden in a snaffle for everything.
Has attended pony club.
Competed SJ, XC & dressage; a real all-rounder.
Hacks alone or in company, going first or last.

£3000 inc tack


14.2hh, 13yo, mare

Super-fun jumping pony. Has 157 SJI points (357 BS points) with a record up to 1.20m in Ireland.
Been out of the game for about 2 years, after daughter gave up & has just been hacked about by mum, so she isnt ready to go & jump huge jumps again yet.
Safe as the come, to hack out alone or in company & with all traffic.
Occasionally has a little buck and a hop in canter, as she knows her job, but nothing nasty, she only lift her bum by about 6 inches.
Good to jump any type of fence, coloured or natural, but flatwork isn’t really her cup of tea, although she has done a few unaffiliated ODE’s.
Wormed, vaccinated, shod. Good to catch/load/clip & easy to have at a show.



13hh, 6yo, gelding.

Great pony club/first/second pony.
I love this little guy! We’ve had him in to school & bring on for the last 4 months. He gives 100% whatever is asked of him. Has never stopped SJ, pops over all my fillers. Will also trot round a course of small fences with a little person.
Hasn’t done much XC, but jumped my selection of portable ones & up and down my derby bank without a problem, very willing to have a go. He has lovely paces & has competed in prelim dressage, just started schooling novice movements inc simple changes & some lateral steps. Very easy to get him to work correctly even for a small jockey as he has good natural head carriage.  100% to hack. Snaffle mouthed at all times. Wormed, vaccinated, good to catch/load/clip & with no vices.



12hh, 18yo, gelding.

Absolutely perfect lead-rein/first/second pony.
A real sweetheart. Happy to trot gently over little fences or canter round jumping with a more advanced small person. Popped straight over my tiny fillers. Has attended pony club camp & rallies. Good to hack out with others and beside a mummy on a bike! Not lamanitic, no vices, wormed & vaccinated up to date.



14hh, 7yo, mare

Welsh part-bred with a green book.
An active member of the Fitzwilliam Hunt Pony Club for the last 2 years inc camp.
Has competed at a variety of venues throughout East Anglia in showjumping, hunter trials & ODE’s, rarely comes home without a rosette. Competed up to 90cm but a huge scopey jump with great technique, the best is yet to come from her. However equally happy to take a more novice/nervous rider round smaller tracks.
Has hunted with the Fitz, Cottesmore & Belvoir.
Safe enough to have been used as an RDA pony for the last year.
Hacks alone or in company, happy to go first or last.
Good to do in all ways, loading, catching, clipping, shoeing etc etc.
Vaccinated / wormed up to date. Only for sale as sadly outgrown.
Plenty more photos available on request.
Based in Norfolk with excellent trial facilities.




17hh, 5yo, British Warmblood gelding

A bit of a late starter Timmy has been backed since March this year.
With super, natural paces, he is now learning to work correctly; walk & trot are established, canter is still a little green but he is learning all the time.
Timmy is an absolute star to hack out, going first or last, brave and 100% with all traffic.
Related to the great Milton, he is bold & scopey over coloured fences, showing a promising technique, but lacks experience over full courses; however he isn’t fazed by fillers/banners etc.
Timmy is sn easy chap to have on the yard, good to catch/load/clip/shoe, will stand all day to be groomed.
A really super horse, now ready to go out and further his competitive education.
Videos available, please ask.




17hh 8yo KWPN gelding

Recently registered with BD, he has competed in six Prelim competitions, scoring 65-68% in all of his tests. Just started to learn shoulder in and leg yielding.
Hacks alone or in company, (although he is limited in his experience alone.) 100% with all traffic. Been to the beach and cantered calmly with the group.
Has jumped round a couple of British Novices on a ticket, at Forest Edge & Vale View. Has a scopey jump and isn’t bothered by fillers, just lacks ring experience.
Has jumped my portable XC fences and derby bank all without a second look.
An absolute pleasure to have on the yard, can be caught/handled/groomed by a child. Snaffle mouthed at all times; good to clip, catch & load, with no vices.
Videos available please ask.




15hh 6yo Registered Connemara gelding

Fionn is a super fun allrounder & a real pleasure to have on the yard. He is easy to catch, bath, shoe & load. I’ve not had the clippers near him but I can’t imagine he’d be a problem.
Happy to turn his hoof to whatever is asked of him. He hacks alone or in company, going first or last. Snaffle mouthed at all times.
Flatwork fairly well established, would go out and hold his own in a prelim test with no trouble, just needs a small amount of fine tuning, in my opinion.
He lacks experience over fences but is very willing and brave and clearly enjoys it more than schooling, he’s not at all bothered by fillers and will always have a go. Would make a super working hunter pony with a little more work.
He is clean limbed and has no vices.
Videos available please ask.



5yo 14hh Connemara gelding

Bren has a super trainable attitude, with great paces, including a very flashy trot. He works correctly on the flat and would excel in the show ring or in the dressage arena. He has limited competition outings due to his owner’s commitments, but will compete while here on livery.
Has seen coloured and XC fences up to 70cm, but lacks experience & does require a  competent rider as he lacks confidence in this area.
Hacks alone or in company, going first or last & is snaffle mouthed at all times.
He is clean limbed and has no vices.
Videos available please ask.



14.2hh 19yo Irish mare

Don’t be put off by her age, she is fit as a fiddle & out competing & winning every weekend.
Showjumps up to 85cm courses, Prelim dressage with scores 65% consistently.
Been on full livery with me for 18 months, now only sadly for sale due to being very outgrown.
Hacks alone or in company. Safe as they come.
No vices. Good to catch, load, clip etc.




7yo, 17.2hh, Irish gelding

Skippy is a big gentle giant, easy to handle by the smallest of people.
He has hunted in Leicestershire, happy to go front, middle or back & stand when required.
Popped round all my showjumps & fillers without a second thought, he has a nice even stride and technique over a fence, but not much experience round a course of fences. Loose jumped easily over 1.20m, with a fab back end in particular.
Hacks well with others, but he lacks confidence alone; fine with all traffic.
Skippy works well in the school with three good paces and for a big horse he is very well balanced, competing in Prelim dressage with 65% scores.
He is good to catch, load, clip and do anything with.
Videos available, please ask.


Skippy 1
Skippy 2


15.1hh Irish 8yo gelding

James is real fun all-round little horse.
A little green in his way of going for his age, but super trainable attitude and improves everytime I ride him.
Loves to jump, not fazed by any filler & has a powerful jump, with good technique. Easy to adjust & turn, currently jumping courses of 80cm confidently & single fences of 90cm, with plenty of scope for more; would easily affiliate in a few months.
Competed in prelim dressage, receiving good comments & scoring 65%.
Not been XC properly with me, but I see no reason why he’d be a problem, as he’s not at all spooky or silly.
Hacks out alone (although limited experience with this) or in company, fine with traffic.
No vices, had his first vaccination & teeth sorted.
James will give his new owner a lot of pleasure & rosettes!
Videos available, please ask.




13.2hh 12yo mare

The ultimate pony club/riding club/competition pony.
Forward thinking but snaffle mouthed at all times.
Has mostly been competing in showjumping up to 85cm, but scope for more if required. Will take anyone round a course of fences, not phased by any fillers. Quick and turnable in a jump off.
Is brave, although limited in her XC experience.
Has competed in Prelim dressage, can do a good test, but won’t do it for you, the right buttons need to be pressed.
Would make a fantastic working hunter pony.
Good to hack alone or in company, easy to do everything with; clip, shoe, load etc.


August Surprise
August Surprise
August Surprise


13.2hh, 19yo, section B, gelding

Absolutely stunning movement, great conformation & beautiful markings make Sonny an ideal contender for veteran & small M&M classes. Don’t be fooled by his age, you won’t find better movement than this, his walk is literally the best I’ve ever sat on, of any sized horse. Combined with his four white socks, he really does have the ‘look-at-me’ factor.
He has been sat in his owners field for the last 5 years, so has very low mileage. Since being with me he has competed in prelim dressage & will be taken showing at the Royal Norfolk if not sold before.
Sonny needs either a small adult or a competent child, because if you are strong in the hand with him, he becomes strong in return; if ridden correctly with seat/leg and minimal hand he is simply breath-taking.
In-hand & ridden videos available, please ask.
Good to hack, catch, trim, bath, load etc.
Long-term home, where he will be used to his full potential is much more important than price.


Sonny 1
Sonny 2


6yo, 14.3hh, Haflinger, mare

Low mileage for her age after breeding a lovely foal last year. Naas has been graded British Elite at inspections, she was shown extensively in hand as a young horse, with great success, winning and taking Champion at Royal Norfolk, Windsor, Equifest & the Haflinger Breed Show.
Pops happily round a course of small fences & has competed in unaffiliated dressage but does need someone who is going to further her education.
Hacks alone & in company, good in all traffic.
An easy girl to have on the yard, no vices, good to catch, load etc.
Videos available, please ask.




16hh 7yo Irish gelding

A real allrounder.

Has been out of work since November 2015 due to owners long and varied working hours at a stud. He came to me 20th April and got straight back into the swing of working and is learning all the time.

Good basic paces, now learning how to work correctly, proving willing and a quick learner, scoring 64% & 65% in his first two dressage tests with us.

Absolutely super technique over a fence, very careful & makes a lovely natural shape. Currently jumping courses of 80cm, but with plenty of height left in him.

Hacks alone or in company, although he hasn’t done much by himself.

Snaffle mouthed at all times.

Has hunted with previous owner & was mannerly.

Can have a cheeky mini-buck if pushed into something he doesn’t like the idea of, but it’s nothing impressive!

A really great character who will give someone a lot of fun.

Wormed & vaccinated up to date. Good to catch, load, clip etc with no vices.


Derry Camp Flyer
Derry Camp Flyer
Derry Camp Flyer


17hh 11yo bay KWPN gelding

Only starting his competitive career in June 2015, this horse has it all.  Sired by Sandro Hit, he has fantastic paces and excels in the dressage area.  He has 31 BD points at novice level in limited outings, depite his rider’s dislike of flatwork; with someone more dressage orientated he would really come into his own.

Currently out competing at Newcomers level, with 4 British Novie & 4 Discovery double clears.  Loose jumped easily over 1.4m.

He has been cross country schooling, jumping a variety of intermediate fences, ditches, skinnys, steps, etc.

Good to hack, load, clip; a really easy horse to have on the yard.




16.2 9yo hanovarian x cob mare

Absolute heart-breaking sale of this stunning mare, but she needs to be ridden more than my work hours allow, to get the best from her and for her to reach her full potential.

Owned since a 4½yo, she has had a go at everything; hunted in Somerset as a 4 year old by a retired master and took everything in her stride.

Been XC schooling jumping everything we put in front of her including ditches, hedges & through water; never stops, really honest & always tries.

Super, even paces, currently competing prelim dressage, consistently scoring around 65%.

Has also had success in the show ring, both in hand & ridden.

Needs a little more schooling over showjumps, to improve technique & way of going, but is brave & scopey.

Hacks out alone or in company but does prefer company.

A really super all-round little horse suited to an active competition home.

No vices, good to catch & load.


Birthday Girl
Birthday Girl
Birthday Girl



17hh 8yo Dutch Warmblood gelding
A real quality stamp of a horse, turns heads wherever he goes.
Has been lightly competed BS, with winnings up to Discovery; Actual £58 and notional points 29.
Has hunted with 18yo girl, proving mannerly and always easy to stop.
Prefers to hack in company, 100% traffic.
Would also do well as a working hunter.
An easy horse to have on the yard, 100% to shoe, clip and load.



Brave Lord - horse for sale
Brave Lord - horse for sale
Brave Lord - horse for sale



14yo 16.2hh Dutch Warmblood

Ideal amateur / teenagers horse. Winnings of Actual: £653 & Notional: £419 Double clears at Fox, but now ready to teach another rider round smaller BS tracks.
Qualified 1m amateur second rounds this year. Went to Aintree last year and qualified for 1m final. Qualified SCOPE last year as part of county team. Jumped at arena festival, placed in all his classes.

Lovely long stride, really covers the ground, but good to turn in a jump off. Also been recently competed by 14yo girl over 80/90/1m unaffiliated tracks, to teach her how to jump a horse, he is very careful and will help you out of a muddle.

Absolutely fantastic to hack even in the heaviest of traffic. We always use him as a nanny for the babies. 100% to catch, box and clip. No vices.
Same home last 3 years, so very sad sale, but he just isn’t getting competed as much as he deserves, due to young horses needing to go out.
5* home a must for this special boy.



Suzuki - horse for sale
Suzuki - horse for sale
Suzuki - horse for sale